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Our Mission

To foster international citizens with international perspective

We promise to use the Montessori educational concept to help and enhance each child’s greatest potential in a welcoming and natural environment.  We promise to give each child the courage to find his or her strength, and the ability to explore more opportunities and enable them to become a lifetime learner exuding confidence, independent thinking, enthusiasm, and a sense of commitment.

Features – Montessori Educational Concept
Montessori philosophy advocates to “follow the children” from independent work to self-conscious order and obedience, thereby achieving self-education of children. Active learning is capable of exploring children’s potential and it plays a very important role in coordinating and improving children’s body functions. 

Focus on Oneself
Accurate identification of emotions can help children understand more about their change of heart. Such ability is an important foundation for children to make clear-minded decisions and properly manage their emotions in the future. On the other hand, children who can’t accurately identify their emotions would suffer a rough growth.
Care for other People
Learning about other people’s feelings and views on the world is the foundation for empathy as well as the essential prerequisite for success in social skills, mutual cooperation and teamwork. It’s a vital surviving skill for both grown-ups and kids. 
Understanding the World
We are all individuals in a larger biological and social system. Whenever we are consuming energy and lots of substances, howthey are produced and how the substances are disposed after being used will all impact the local and foreign ecological systems. Teaching children learn about these systems and make them understand how to improve the defects within the systems may become a fascinating link in the entire education system.
With manners (justice) on your side, you can go anywhere; without it, you can’t take a step. With Montessori’s teaching and guidance, you can develop your children into international citizens with humanity attainment, help building a talent developing system that’s both in keeping with fine Chinese tradition and promotes self-cultivation, family harmony, state governing and world peace.
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