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Montessori Academy kindergarten(Xiangbin Lu Campus) grandly opened on September 2nd.This is the 4th campus of Montessori Academy kindergartens in China. Lets have a snapshot of it! The security guards were waiting for the guests outside. Guests signed up on the attendance book. Opening Ceremony started at 10 oclock. …..
Montessori Academy (Xiangbin Campus) will open in September! Montessori Academy comes from Australia to Shanghai, it comes to Xiamen now! Xiangbin Campus stands by Dr.Maria Montessoris original philosophy with small sized mixed-age classes, enrolling children from 18 months to 6 years old. Were waiting for you and your…..
On June 8, 2016 - June 10, Montessori Academy Kindergarten participated in the 2nd China (Xiamen) International Industry Expo for Baby & Child, which is the first time that Montessori Academy Kindergarten formally show to the public. Many families visited our stand, getting information about our philosophy and featu…..
Welcome to the journey on Discovery of Montessori! On May 14th, Academic Department Director of Montessori Academy, Dr. Xie Hui Juan, will share the ideas and experiences of Childhood education and explore the mystery of Montessori with parents. What do parents need to do in the early childhood education of your kids? …..
On March 5, 2016, Xiamen Sunflower Charity concert hosted by Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee, Xiamen golf team after 80 generation, held first activities in Xiamen City Hongtai Hall successfully. This activity spreaded the positive attitudes through the form of music , attracted attention and partici…..
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