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Christopher's workshop
Christopher's workshop

Last Saturday MontessoriAcademy held its Parent Workshop at Chongqing campus. Many thanks to all the parentswho attended the workshop and made the day a very success!

 Our speaker Christopher Okea, AMI certifiedMontessori Educator, and Daisy Dong, head of Marketing, hosted the sessionwhich was very interactive and attractive. Based on the topic “How to help yourchild Montessori Way” Christopher introduced us the unique way of Montessoriphilosophy and how to operate the Montessori material.

Furthermore, Christopher worked togetherwith parents who pretend their children to operate the materials. They studiedthe fraction with apples. They learnt about English language and words with thealphabet and objects. As they seeing, touching and feeling, they classifyobjects and name shapes.

Thanks for your continued support for ourkindergarten again!

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