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I still vividly remember the first time I saw a Montessori classroom and the stunning effect it had on me. A Montessori classroom is more frequently referred to as the prepared environment, and this is because the classroom is really an additional teacher. The classroom set-up is the first thing that anyone will notice …..
By Christian Williams 2017/2/8
“The child must live in an environment of beauty.” --- Dr. Maria Montessori Inside a Montessori Classroom Generally speaking, light and warm color will be chosen as the main color ina Montessori classroom. Because these colors make people feel calm and peaceful and we need to provide children such an environment. N…..
By Vivian Lu 2017/1/24
Respectful Communication is the corner stone of all successful relationships. It not only builds mutual respect, trust, connection, and nurtures your child’s self-esteem, it also teaches your child how relationships should be and sets the standard for your child’s relationship building efforts. The parent/child relat…..
By Karen Chanpeng 2016/12/22
One of the topics that concern parents the most is the daily fight to get their kids to eat. We are constantly battling with our kids about how much they eat, what they eat, and when they eat, and this can be exhausting. Yet it is usually us that cause the problem. Babies are born with a natural survival instinct, and t…..
By Karen Chanpeng 2016/12/22
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