Parents Workshop Invitation——The Journey on Discovery of Montessori
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Last Saturday MontessoriAcademy held its Parent Workshop at Chongqing campus. Many thanks to all the parentswho attended the workshop and made the day a very success! Our speaker Christopher Okea, AMI certifiedMontessori Educator, and Daisy Dong, head of Marketing, hosted the sessionwhich was very …
On the 17th Feb 2017, thetigers, sharks and seahorses have gone to the ChangFeng Ocean World to pay thesea creatures a visit. Children were very excited about the trip and had learnta great deal about ocean life. Children were very excited and hurried to the entrance with joy and curiosity. Oh! The…
The Journey on Discovery of Montessori On Jan 14th,vice-general manager of Montessori Academy, Dr. Xie Hui Juan will share her ideas and experiences of childhood education and explore the benefits of the Montessori method with parents. We hope you can find your answers at our parent workshop. Conte…
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